Tremor, comunidade online de evangelistas da P&G

Li essa dica no newsletter da Pepper & Rogers, segue o trecho:

The concept is so important to überbrand Procter & Gamble that it spun off a business unit called
Tremor to deal specifically with identifying and connecting with these types of influencers. Steve Knox, CEO of Tremor, refers to them as "connectors." The group has created a 450,000 member database called Vocalpoint, made up of U.S. women consumers who love to share their opinions about products and services with family and friends. Tremor uses a proprietary screening methodology to identify connectors and evaluate their ability as influencers, ensuring that relevant messages will indeed get talked about. "They can advocate in any direction, so we want to get as close as we can," Knox said in a speech to marketers last year.


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